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It Stops With Me

It stops with me

We are all born into a family, we come into this world already belonging to a bigger part of us. A family package that comes with beliefs, attitudes, values, traditions…that are all ‘passed’ onto us, perhaps as a gift. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose which family we would like to be part of, so while there are many great things that positively define that belonging relationship, there are also many negative things too.

As kids, we are like sponges…absorbing everything…we internalize everything that happens around us and unconsciously we adopt certain behaviors: positive and negative ones from those who are surrounding us: our family, these behaviors become part of our way of living, they are ingrained in us. Prior generations have the power to influence us and even be present at every decision we make in our lives. Some of these influences may not be the best or most positives…those negative influences are known as generational baggage. It is like a generational curse that will be a part of us and certainly haunt us until we decide to stop it.

Did you realize how much baggage we carry because of prior generations? Generational baggage is one thing that would actually make us drag and make our lives miserable. You see, being family-oriented is one thing, continuing family traditions is something to be proud of. However, generational baggage is that curse that makes your hearts heavy and that makes room for hate, dislikes, and leads to nothing but unhappiness. It is those family issues we can not fix. What is worse is that because it is carried since childhood and we do not realize its’ presence until late in adulthood, we manage to unconsciously pass it on forward as we grow. Most of the time we either do not realize it is there and if we do, we spend too much time trying to run away from it or even ignoring it. Do we really want that? I mean after understanding there is a problem do we really want to continue living like that, exposing our future generations to that…allowing that domino effect to continue making its progress. Therefore the question that stands is, knowing that we have been affected by it, do we want to pass on generational baggage?

Once you understand there are issues that you do not want your own children to deal with, you start looking at ways to kind of break the curse. A million scenarios pop in and out of your mind because you do not want your own kids to be affected by these problems nor their lives to be tangled before they can have a say in it. Understanding is a big step and making the commitment to deal with it is another big step in the right direction.

Growth takes time…we constantly grow in many areas: physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually…and the goal is to achieve balance. I have come to the realization that I cannot grow further with baggage in my heart and the day that I become clean of that baggage and that curse, I move towards that ideal balance. And that balance is the equivalent of a happiness token.

If I can leave my future generation with something positive for them to start their own lives, it would be with the great family traditions clean of generational baggage only because it has to stop with me!!

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