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New Year…New Mindset…New YOU!

New Year…New Mindset…New YOU!

New Year…New Mindset…New You!

2020 is here: Happy New Year!

Have you set your new resolutions, new goals, new habits, new weight loss plan, now this…new that…?

Every New Year’ comes wrapped up in “new” things, the thoughts of starting new, a renewal feeling, it’s like a breath of fresh air, you feel empowered and motivated to do something different. But for how long have you set goals simply because and then time creeps up on you…and month one goes by…first quarter goes by…and all of a sudden its almost thanksgiving, and now that the holidays are around the corner you start thinking “oh next year…”  Is this vicious cycle familiar? If you are tired of this cycle…if you have been there and done that, isn’t time to break the cycle and start working on a New YOU? Make this 2020 year, YOUR year!

A few questions:

  • What are those things that you want to improve on and why do you want that?
  • What areas of your life need nourishment?
  • Are you ready to reach your maximum potential?
  • Will 2020 be the catalyst of change?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions…by all means, continue reading.

Let’s take this new year as the perfect opportunity to make those changes that you have been wanting. Start steering your boat in a different direction. Make those small changes that will define a better you.  They say “The journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 step” — Lao Tzu   Keep in mind that small steps in the right direction are way more powerful than attempting a huge leap.

Everyone aspires to a better life, a more fulfilled one, one that we feel proud of, one with a sense of purpose…and guess what: you deserve that life…YOU deserve to live your life the way you would love to live it!  It no longer has to be a dream. You no longer have to live your life like a robot…just doing things automatically without enjoyment. I am here to tell you that what has stopped you in the past, doesn’t have to stop you TODAY!  You can defeat whatever it is that is holding you back…you are the one in charge, do not let anything or anyone have a say in that. YOU have the power!

Things to consider:

  • Small steps guarantee success
  • Write those goals and set up an accountability system
  • Select improved mindset
  • Connect to your WHY

It all starts with your mindset; you have to truly want to create something new for you. You have to really want to change some old habits that are no longer serving you. While you embark this journey remember to:

  • Be grateful – start your day with a thankful perspective
  • Practice self-care – no matter what you do, this is imperative
  • Forgive yourself – be gentle on yourself when you miss something on your list

Do you realize what time it is? Time to take control…time to start taking those small steps…small victories make you feel confident and will push you to continue. Remember, don’t set resolutions, as you are not resolving anything, change your mindset…choosing to live your life in a way that you deserve!!

“It all starts with your mindset; you have to truly want to create something new for you.”



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