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Nourishment: Feeding The Mind, Body & Soul

Nourishment: Feeding The Mind, Body & Soul

Nourishment: Feeding The Mind, Body & Soul

When we hear about nourishment, we immediately think of what we are eating to be healthy. We tend to relate that term with just physical nutrition. Nourishment goes beyond feeding our bodies, it’s also how we feed our minds and our souls.

In striving to achieve and maintain balance we must take our self-care a step further and nourish our whole being:  mind, body & soul.

I have talked about the importance of self-care, and how it is imperative that we care for ourselves first before we care for others.  As a reminder, the principle of self-care is simple: you cannot provide for others if your cup is empty. In order to provide and care for others without feeling depleted, our cup has to be overflowing. That overflow is what we use to provide and care for others, therefore in doing so, our cup would continue to be full after caring for others.

Now the question is how do you ensure your self-care is nourishing? How often are we “taking care of ourselves” but we are thinking about how we needed to use that time for something else? Or we are doing things in a rush because we need to run and do something else? Or we feel guilty because we are attending to us?

Yes, we do live in a stressful and demanding world…one that requires us to be on the run from the moment we get up from bed until we go back to bed so you feel you cannot add more. But here’s some food for thought: What if those daily self-care actions, that we already do on a daily basis, we perform in a nourishing way? For example: while taking a shower, brushing your teeth, doing your hair – is your mind on something else? Or are you just thinking of what you are doing and focusing on taking care of yourself? You see, nourishing does not have to be a separate item on your to-do list, but yet while you are already self-caring, how much are you actually taking in? When you eat, are you taking your time and engaging ALL your senses? This is essentially nourishing while taking care of yourself.

The most important advice I have for you today is to engage as many senses as you can in ALL what you do. Take in that feeling, that smell, that taste, appreciate what you are seeing, listening in…and yes, my friends, this translates into living each moment fully. And how gratifying it would be if we could really take in each moment like this?  If we could really achieve calmness & peace in the midst of chaos?

By no means I am trying to tell you that you need to add more to your daily bucket. Look at these small steps:

  1. Tap into your current self-care actions, those things that you already do on a daily basis to take care of yourself and do them differently. Breathe in and out slowly as you perform these actions. Do not do these automatically, think about them, engage those senses, enjoy them because these small routine items can be part of your nourishing food for your mind, body & soul.
  2. Once you start doing these self-care actions, be aware of the sense of fulfillment, check-in to see how these small steps make you feel. If positive, then…proceed to try to do more things that would add to this sense of enjoyment.

Also, as you strive to improve and add on things you already do, consider the following simple ways to nourish yourself more:

Body –

  1. As you get up in the morning from bed, stretch your body. This will help with flexibility and will bring blood flow to your body
  2. Strive to improve on one eating habit

Mind –

  1. Sit quietly, close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly…it is truly an amazing feeling! I invite you to try this
  2. While in the car driving to and from work/running errands, etc – listen to uplifting podcasts

Soul –

  1. When outside, breathe in the air, listen to the birds, enjoy your surroundings
  2. Pray – whatever your beliefs are, connect with that what is higher

What we do for ourselves is key to continue our journey through life in a more positive and fulfilling way. Make it a priority to live better!

“Engage in as many senses as you can in all what you do. Take in that feeling, that smell, that taste, appreciate what you are seeing, listening in…and yes my friends, this translates into living each moment fully.”

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