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Sanity in the Midst of Crisis

Sanity in the Midst of Crisis

There’s no doubt we have been living the most unimaginable difficult times. I think any of us would have never thought we would be living through something like this…well maybe through a two-hour movie…because this really seems like the worst nightmare and we are tossing and tossing unable to wake up from it.

I think it is time we wake up from that dream and face it head-on.  While we can toss and toss worrying about our present, and the what-ifs, my question is, until when are we going to focus on that? Here is the best nugget you can take from this article: “focus on where you are going rather than where are.” I have listened to many presentations and speakers in the last month, and one thing that is repeated over and over is that!!

There is no justifiable reason to complain about your situation at this moment, mainly because everyone is going through the same thing, not only within your area, but within the state, but within the whole nation, oh yeah, and within the entire world! This is a crisis that is affecting every human being on a global level. However, we need to understand the concept that even though it is chaos out there, we personally do not have to be in chaos mode. Our current situation does not have to define our personal mode. The choice is ours: we can either react to this or we can respond to this! What’s your choice? I know mine!

Focus on where you are going: how do you want to be when all of this is over? Stronger: physically, mentally, emotionally? With newly acquired skills? How will you be tomorrow? A month from now? A year from now? How will your relationship with your immediate family be? Whatever you choose to do or however you decide to spend this time, know and understand that the result tomorrow will depend directly on those answers.

If your answer was nothing, that is ok.  You do not need to read any further. I will not waste your time. However, if your answer is yes, but what do I do or where do I start, keep reading:

Here are some valuable things that might help you keep calm and your sanity in the midst of this crisis:


  • It is highly important to stay calm throughout these times…stress and anxiety directly affects our immune system. The healthier and stronger we are the more resistant we can be in the event that we get contaminated.
  • Increase foods that aid your immune system.
  • This is the perfect time to get your exercise routine started: whether it is outdoors or indoors, start with something small, and go from there. The important thing is that you start.
  • Self-Care is a must, remember to keep your bucket full in order to serve those around you from your best level. These are stressful times; therefore, self-care activities have to increase.

Personal Growth:

  • Every morning, write down the tasks you wish to accomplish through-out the day, during these times, it is very easy to waste all that extra time we have.
  • Establish routines: especially morning and bedtime routines.
  • Read more books
  • Start journaling
  • There are hundreds of online courses being offered, go ahead, give yourself permission to invest this time on something new to learn.
  • Take on something new that you may use as a side income…

We do not have the power to change what is going on, but we do have the power to make decisions on what we can do during this time. Keep in mind, this too shall pass…and I want you to be stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually than you ever were after all of this is over.

May God bless you!


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