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Wellness Reset Button


wellness reset button

How many times have you ever wondered about having a button that once you pressed, things will automatically reset to a prior state. Wishful thinking huh! But wait…what if I told you that there is a reset button, that you have the power within you to access that “reset button state”?

A few months ago I decided that it was time to seriously do something about my weight and my health, in a way that ultimately would enhance and lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I have been at a similar point in my life where I am unhappy with how I look and feel and therefore tried all sorts of things: diets, pills, injections, exercise routines, etc. So you may ask, what was different this time? The answer is simple: my state of mind.

You see, you may find yourself with the desire to loose weight, look good, and feel great but if your state of mind has not caught up yet, it will not work. Meaning, you will not be fully committed to such change. Resulting in falling off the wagon and regaining weight you have lost.

Disclaimer: This was my personal discovery and by no means I believe it is a one size fits all approach, however, there are things that could certainly be applicable to anyone and if this could help one person then mission accomplished!

Towards the end of October I had heard a lot of buzz about the keto diet, now I realize this will be the point in which many of you will close the page and move on…but hear me out. Like many other diets, it peaked my interest, but I know how I have been with many things: non-consistent, and I did not want this to be the same. So I started reading more on Keto, even looked for recipes because I thought, “I need something to guide me”. November came around and although I had found recipes that could guide me, I decided to ‘start’ by just addressing the culprits: sugars and carbs. So I decided to cut sugars and watch what carbs I would eat. It is no secret that carbs convert into sugars therefore, you have to be diligent and smart with that selection.

Week 1. First two days I thought “piece of cake”. I was not following a diet per se. I was directly addressing one of the biggest drugs we are ALL addicted to: sugar! By the end of week 1, I quickly noticed I was not experiencing cravings. That is a huge win, it is simple: the absence of cravings means you are not inclined to cheat!

Week 2. Although I found myself eating the same thing over and over, the number on the scale was on a downward spiral: Yay! Still at this point no cravings, I just did not have the desire to cheat nor binge on stuff I had eliminated. By the end of week 2, I had understood how your body reacts is when is not overloaded with sugar. I finally met “feel good” agent, and was not feeling overwhelmed with the change.

Week 3 & 4. Weight continued in the same “happy” direction. I was so pleased to see results. This new feeling was different, in many ways, but this first month was not challenging and certainly not uphill, so I continued.

Month 2 proved to be the same in a very good way. By the end of this month I had already lost 11 pounds. I even felt so energized that I went back to the gym.

Month 3. By this time I had been at the gym a little over a month and truthfully I was feeling at my best. For the first time, in what seems to be an eternity, I started running again. Now, with my back issues and surgeries I never thought I could be running again. What an accomplishment! The only thing not in synch was the scale…it had stalled! But I did not panic. I figured, I am building muscle. I started thinking, the number on the scale is not going to control me as I know I am doing the right thing. I continued my efforts simply because throughout this time I’ve learned that once you reach that reset button state, there’s no turning back, you can not just give up on yourself!

Throughout this journey I have learned so many valuable lessons, I have learned to understand and listen to my body,  I have learned you do not have to live to eat, you eat to live, the human body was not made to constantly eat sugars and processed foods, your body is a machine that will perform depending on how you fuel it, the lessons are countless…enough for another article.

Now I get the common question, “how did you do it?” “What did you do?” The most important lesson here is not what method I used to reach the -24 pounds, the point of this article is to understand your body will follow what your mind says. Change takes time…and certainly requires work, the biggest question is “Are YOU ready?”.

I invite you to comment below…would love to hear about your thoughts, struggles, learnings, any thought that this article could trigger you to think of!

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